semantic-8 results

We use Intersection over Union (IoU) and Overall Accuracy (OA) as metrics. For more details hover the curser over the symbols or click on a classifier. In order to sort the results differently click on a symbol.

NameA_IoUOA[s]IoU 1IoU 2IoU 3IoU 4IoU 5IoU 6IoU 7IoU 8
Generalizing discrete convolutions for unstructured point clouds, A. Boulch, Eurographics 3DOR, 2019
Unstructured point cloud semantic labeling using deep segmentation networks. A. Boulch, B. Le Saux and N. Audebert, Eurographics 3DOR 2017
3PointNet2_Demo0.6310.85710000.000.8190.7810.6430.5170.7590.3640.4370.726, Yixing Lao
Attentive Aggregation Networks for Efficient Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds, Submitted to CoRL 2019
Large-scale Point cloud segmentation with superpoint graphs, Loic Landrieu and Martin Simonovsky, CVPR2018
G. Dekeyser and M. Orhan
Anonymous submission
Anonymous submission
Timo Hackel, Jan D. Wegner, Konrad Schindler: Fast semantic segmentation of 3d point clouds with strongly varying density. ISPRS Annals - ISPRS Congress, Prague, 2016
Mind the gap: modeling local and global context in (road) networks: Javier Montoya, Jan D. Wegner, Lubor Ladicky, Konrad Schindler. In: German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), M√ľnster, Germany, 2014
Anonymous submission


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