semantic-8 results

We use Intersection over Union (IoU) and Overall Accuracy (OA) as metrics. For more details hover the curser over the symbols or click on a classifier. In order to sort the results differently click on a symbol.

NameA_IoUOA[s]IoU 1IoU 2IoU 3IoU 4IoU 5IoU 6IoU 7IoU 8
Unstructured point cloud semantic labeling using deep segmentation networks. A. Boulch, B. Le Saux and N. Audebert, Eurographics 3DOR 2017
Anonymous submission
Timo Hackel, Jan D. Wegner, Konrad Schindler: Fast semantic segmentation of 3d point clouds with strongly varying density. ISPRS Annals - ISPRS Congress, Prague, 2016
Anonymous submission
Mind the gap: modeling local and global context in (road) networks: Javier Montoya, Jan D. Wegner, Lubor Ladicky, Konrad Schindler. In: German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), M√ľnster, Germany, 2014